Introduction to D&Y Denim Weaving

        D&Y Denim Weaving has world leading Morrison beam dyeing machines, high-grade pulp dyeing machines, Picanol rapier looms and other denim weaving equipment imported from the United States, Belgium, Italy and other countries to produce more than 9000 series of products including cotton denim, cotton spandex denim, bamboo cotton yarn denim, jacquard, double-side elastic fabrics, and functional fibers. With an annual output of more than 30 million meters of high-grade denim, D&Y Denim Weaving exports its products to more than 30 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, and establishes strategic partnerships with well-known fabric and apparel brands such as AEO, H&M, VF, LEVI'S, INDITEX, and UNIQLO.

        Features of D&Y Denim Weaving

        D&Y Denim Weavingis known for its technical strength. Based on the advantage using its self-produced denim yarns and close cooperation between the upstream and downstream industries, it develops a strong product research and development ability. Complete varieties, excellent production technologies and stable product quality help D&Y Denim Weaving become one of the leaders in the Chinese denim industry. D&Y Denimhas been recommended by the China Cotton Textile Industry Association as the “Most Influential Product Brand” and has won more than 20 awards in China's popular fabrics evaluation. As the main drafter of the national industry standard for “Yarn-dyed Elastic Denim”,it maintains more than 20 technological innovation achievements that have reached the international advanced level. D&Y Denim Weaving focuses on the development and production of elastic denim fabrics, especially high-elastic, medium-elastic and low-elastic fabrics. The self-developed double-side elastic denim fabrics, multi-component elastic denim fabrics, functional denim fabrics and other products lead the new trend of denim and are praised by customers both at home and abroad. 

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